Month: June 2018

Bus Simulator 16 Full Game

Bus Simulator 16 Full Game: Bus Simulator 16 is the next installment of the simulation series developed by Astragon Software that allows you to play the role of a city bus driver. In contrast to the previous parts of the series, the production of the 2016 edition was entrusted to the Austrian studio StillAlive, previously known for the adventure action Son of Nor. On the site we have the latest version of the game: In the game, we sit behind the wheel of a typical public transport bus in one of the German cities, but this time our role is...

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What are simulation games

What are simulation games? Quite recently, the notion of educational games has emerged, which concerns games and games used in the education process. This method of teaching, also referred to as the staging method, is used in school practice in the form of structural and non-structural staging, which differ in that in the case of structural staging, students have a description of the initial situation and their role, while in the case of unstructured staging – students they create the project themselves. Simulation games are a sure imitation, a mapping of reality, consisting in playing certain roles according to...

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Who are Astragon Entertainment

Who are Astragon Entertainment: Astragon Entertainment is a German game publisher focusing on simulation productions, which is part of the astragon group. The company’s headquarters is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Astragon Entertainment was founded in 2000 as astragon Software, a subsidiary of rondomedia. Over the years, the company has published titles produced both externally and internally. In August 2015, a merger of the two aforementioned companies took place, which resulted in the formation of the astragon group. At that time, the publishing function was taken over by Astragon Entertainment, renamed from Astragon Software, while Astragon Sales & Services, a...

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