Bus Simulator 16 Full Game

Bus Simulator 16 Full Game

Bus Simulator 16 Full Game:

Bus Simulator 16 is the next installment of the simulation series developed by Astragon Software that allows you to play the role of a city bus driver. In contrast to the previous parts of the series, the production of the 2016 edition was entrusted to the Austrian studio StillAlive, previously known for the adventure action Son of Nor. On the site we have the latest version of the game: https://bussimulator18pc.download/

In the game, we sit behind the wheel of a typical public transport bus in one of the German cities, but this time our role is not limited to driving. The creators tried to mimic all aspects of the chauffeur’s work, who, apart from running along designated lines, is also responsible for interacting with passengers, selling tickets and dealing with various random cases that can happen in urban transport.

In our work, we must take care of many important factors, starting from mastering the secrets of moving the bus in traffic, driving in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code, on punctuality and ensuring safety for our passengers. In career mode, we are accompanied by an extensive reputation system, which we build successively depending on the extent to which we fulfill our obligations. The higher our reputation, the more willingly passengers will run the lines served by us, which will obviously translate into revenues of the communication company and its development (eg newer and better buses).

Bus Simulator 16 has the official license of one of the largest European manufacturers of trucks and buses – a German company MAN. However, nothing prevents you from personalizing the name of the company and the buses themselves. For lovers of multiplayer fun, a variant of the multiplayer game has been prepared. In terms of binding, the game does not deviate significantly from the majority of budget simulators, placing itself in the middle market.