What are simulation games

What are simulation games

What are simulation games?

Quite recently, the notion of educational games has emerged, which concerns games and games used in the education process. This method of teaching, also referred to as the staging method, is used in school practice in the form of structural and non-structural staging, which differ in that in the case of structural staging, students have a description of the initial situation and their role, while in the case of unstructured staging – students they create the project themselves.

Simulation games are a sure imitation, a mapping of reality, consisting in playing certain roles according to the rules that govern them in the real world. Thus, it can be said that simulation games are a “pretend play” that is designed to exercise the most effective reactions. This type of games includes features of both social simulations and educational games.

After finishing the game, the students come out of the roles they play and start talking about the situation created during the staging. Some pupils can be designated here as observers whose task is to provide feedback to colleagues. Didactic games should be seen as an exercise in specific social behaviors, the aim of which is to effectively use them in real situations. It is important that students can learn a lot from both “victory” and “loser”.


The most known simulations are used in the following situations:

  • during military exercises (so-called war games)
  • for business representatives who train conversations with clients and sales techniques)
  • during pilots or astronauts training
  • in computer gamesĀ , for example here



The essence of the simulation is to improve specific skills and learn from your own mistakes that are made during safe exercise, not in life, which in turn gives you the transfer of specific knowledge, skills and fitness. During this type of exercise, incorrect behaviors are corrected and repeated any number of times, and it is known that training is the basis for achieving high efficiency in operation.